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Join the affiliate program at Virtuous Planet - Affiliate Program - Earn 15%!

Interested in making money by doing almost nothing? Become a affiliate!

What You Earn

You earn commissions based on people who purchase something from our site when they click through your affiliate link or banner.

How to Sign up

New to the program? Just click here and begin.

If you joined before 6/1/2008, you will need to sign-up again here. We will still continue to track the old affiliate program for the remainder of 2008. After that time, the old affiliate program will expire.

Our affiliate program at Virtuous Planet pays 20%. We strongly encourage you to join this one, too.
Virtuous Planet.

The Details

To understand the details, you must understand how our affiliate program is by far better than other affiliate programs out there.

Our affiliate program works like this:
First, get up to 15%! Second, you get credit for a sale if a new visitor makes a purchase on our site within 60 days after having visited your site.* So, if people visit our site from yours on a Friday and purchase the following Monday, you still get credit for the sale! Most affiliate programs work like this (here is an example using company XYZ):
If somebody clicks from your site to XYZ and buys something without leaving size XYZ first, you get 6%. Obviously, the chances are slim that you will earn very much because most people do not buy right away. They look around and come back later or on another day. Then, even if they purchase something, you do not get anything at all.

NOTE: You must place our banners on visible places on your site and NOT on a links page. Although we give free reciprocal links to those who link to us, we do not accept such pages for our affiliate program.

Getting Paid

Email us from inside your account interface once you have earned at least $5 or more.

Affiliate rules are subject to change.
*If the cookie we store is deleted by the user or not accepted, you may not get credit for the sale. Likewise, if the customer previously visited our site from a different site, then the original affiliate will get the credit.

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